St. Patrick's Day Bump

This St. Patrick's Day Bump learning game also includes:

Practice multiplying, and celebrate St. Patrick's Day simultaneously with a fun learning game. Here, players roll two six-faced number cubes and multiply the two face-up numbers to find the product. Then, they place a marker on the product shown on the game board. First player to use all 10 markers, wins!

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Model how to play the game before allowing groups to play on their own
  • Laminate the worksheet for continued use
  • Create a larger version of the game on poster board to allow for bigger groups
Classroom Considerations

  • The game requires 10 space markers (or other type of manipulative) per player and two number cubes or dice
  • Provide paper for learners that need to work out multiplication problems
  • Best printed in color

  • A very simple game that adds a fun twist to math as well as St. Patrick's Day
  • Game can be easily modified to five markers instead of 10
  • Comes with directions

  • None
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