Stack the States™

Kids have fun learning US geography and state facts, including capitals, nicknames, major cities, and landmarks. They can choose between the game, or informational flashcards for each state.

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App Overview

To begin, players select between the geography game, or learning about states using the interactive map and flashcards. 

Learn/Interactive Map

When the player clicks on Learn an interactive map comes up and prompts the selection of a state. Once selected, the name and picture of the state appear along with a fact. This fact changes every couple of seconds.

Players can then choose between returning to the interactive map or viewing a flashcard on the active state. Once in the flashcard module, users can click forward or backward alphabetically through the states.


After students learn about the states, they can test their knowledge in the game module. The categories of questions is customizable, but at least two must be selected.

Question Categories:

  • Capitals
  • Abbreviations
  • State Shapes
  • Nicknames
  • Border States
  • Landmarks
  • Cities
  • Flags

Players select the correct state among the four options.

For each correct answer, players stack up their states, attempting to reach the target. Once achieved, they win a state for their personal map. There are even levels to unlock for additional games such as: Map It, Pile Up!, Puzzler, and Capital Drop.

The graphics are high quality (including beautiful photographs of American landmarks). Children should find this app engaging and appropriately challenging.

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Instructional Ideas

This is a great resource for individual or group review. The class could divide into six groups for a geography competition. 

Classroom Considerations

  • There is a nearly identical game called Stack the Countries for learning world geography 
  • The flashcards are not currently printable
  • It can only save six player profiles

  • High-quality educational content

  • Can not print flashcards
  • Limited number of player profiles