Stars, Galaxies and the Universe

This Stars, Galaxies and the Universe presentation also includes:

It takes 225 million years for our sun to travel around the galaxy. The presentation covers astronomical units, light years, telescopes, types of stars, the life cycle of a star, and types of galaxies. This is the last lesson in a 26-part series.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Have an astronomer speak to the class
Classroom Considerations
  • Religious references may not be appropriate in all schools
  • Requires prior knowledge of our solar system
  • Includes a video and 18 pages of worksheets that are great to use as additional practice or instruction
  • References Christian religion as the truth, which may not sit well with some students, parents, or schools
  • Video uses many colloquialisms that might be unfamiliar to some learners
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