State Courts vs. Federal Courts

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Popular culture often portrays the Feds as the most fearsome of law enforcement agencies. Yet, someone charged with a crime is considerably more likely to end up in a state court. The lesson, one of six covering the Organization of the Federal Courts, helps those studying criminology distinguish between the role of federal courts and state courts. A major focus of the page deals with the question of jurisdiction by addressing which types of cases each level addresses.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Present the material in 1:1 classroom setting for more interaction
Classroom Considerations
  • Reading level is more suitable for high school age than lower levels 
  • The section on state courts focuses specifically on Missouri courts but also makes general observations about how state courts differ from federal courts
  • The highlighted key terms link to a glossary with definitions for those who need a reminder
  • An interactive quiz helps assess the class's understanding of differences between state and federal courts
  • The font size is small and navigation can be confusing