States and Forms of Energy

This States and Forms of Energy lesson plan also includes:

Energy is just energy, right? Explain various forms of energy to your young scientists by using an interactive experiment that contains common objects to demonstrate complex concepts. Pupils conduct experiments for radiant, thermal, chemical, and electrical energy using wooden boards, textbooks, toy cars, meter sticks, and stopwatches. 

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Instructional Ideas

  • Create a way to diagram the energy conversions of common household appliances 
  • Develop a board game with resulting images for use as a vocabulary review
  • Easily adaptable for whatever level of educational delivery you wish to convey.
Classroom Considerations

  • Class should have prior knowledge of each energy form to better understand the concepts presented
  • The last in a series of seven related resources

  • Ability to complete the project using common objects
  • May be modified and used for differentiated instruction with relative ease

  • None