Stop and Smell the Flowers

It's a bird! It's a bee! Actually, it's your learners flying from flower to flower smelling their scents! Using paper flowers and essential oils, pupils flutter between flowers to use their sense of smell to experience how animals use scent in nature. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • To aid in the creation of flower making, send materials home with pupils to create with their parents or guardians
  • Invite family members to volunteer the day of the lesson in order to supervise appropriate smelling techniques and help class members chart fragrances 
  • Go on a nature walk around campus, stop to smell the flowers, and discuss the differences 
Classroom Considerations
  • This lesson is the second of six from the Rainforest Alliance early childhood activities
  • Beware of the potency of undiluted essential oils and possible allergic reactions if learners come in contact with them
  • Canisters of similar description can be used instead of film containers as they are difficult to come by 
  • The lesson plan encourages creativity and craftiness 
  • None