Lesson Plan

Stories of Painkiller Addiction: Myth or Fact

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Are opioids the most abused drug after marijuana? How hard is it for young people to obtain painkillers without a prescription? Middle and high schoolers explore the growing epidemic of opioid addiction with a lesson that prompts them to decide whether six statements about prescription drugs are myths or facts. They then ask their parents the same questions at home and discuss the facts that they learned in class.

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CCSS: Adaptable
NGSS: Designed
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Instructional Ideas
  • Incorporate the lesson into a unit on substance abuse, bringing relevant components into science, health, language arts, math, and social studies
  • Encourage learners to conduct research about any of the claims they don't believe or would like to learn more about
  • Have class members watch the video at home before coming to school the next day for discussion
Classroom Considerations
  • Use the video's closed captioning for English learners in your class or those who are hard of hearing
  • The first part of an eight-lesson series on painkiller addiction
  • Homework assignment engages parents in the learning process
  • Differentiates easily to grade level
  • All necessary materials, including a thorough teaching guide for the entire series, are attached
  • Provides a place on the homework assignment for parents to contribute thoughts or concerns
  • None