Show young readers how to put some personality and voice into their storytelling with an in-depth assignment. Kids practice saying the same thing, such as counting from one to ten, in different tones and perspectives, and then work on reading fairy tales and folk tales with inflection and purpose.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Have kids perform their stories for younger learners or for an audience of parents
  • Use the strategy throughout the year for different types of stories
  • Extend the practice of storytelling to nonfiction texts and research projects
  • Have kids write their own creative stories and design their own storytelling technique for presenting the stories aloud
Classroom Considerations

  • Assignment is designed for gifted learners, but you could use it in classrooms with learners of all levels

  • A fun way to teach kids how to read out loud 
  • Thorough, engaging, and creative
  • Addresses plot structure and helps kids to read critically when planning their storytelling
  • Provides an example story to show kids how to plan their reading

  • None