Stress Lessons Toolkit

This Stress Lessons Toolkit unit also includes:

Over 52 pages, a unit offers lessons and activities that define stress, practices breathing techniques, brings awareness to triggers, refocuses worries and fears, and offers various problem solving skills. The unit ends with a review of all skills. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Link the unit with social-emotional learning competency—self-awareness
  • Invite the school counselor to add their professional wisdom to the subject
  • Keep practices going well after the unit is complete to reinforce the healthy habits and their positive results
Classroom Considerations
  • Follow the table of contents to teach lessons in sequential order 
  • This lesson may trigger unwanted emotions, be sure to create a safe environment for pupils to share their thoughts and feelings
  • Observe how class members react to lessons, take necessary steps to keep them happy, healthy, and safe
  • Packet comes with a parent/guardian connection
  • Offers practical advice learners can put to good use now and in the future
  • The light blue color may print too light; adjust copy or printer settings to make it clear for all learners
  • Lesson media is not included