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Stressed Out!

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Are our oceans really suffering due to the choices humans make? The sixth and final installment in the volume of activities challenges research groups to tackle one of six major topics that impact ocean health. After getting to the bottom of issues such as overfishing, climate change, and habitat destruction, middle school learners present their findings in oral and visual format.

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Instructional Ideas
  • The research topics are global issues that will return a large volume of information
  • To keep groups from being overwhelmed advise groups to focus on a particular cause and effect
  • Arrange for group-created posters to be displayed around the school, or incorporate PowerPoint presentations into the student news channel
Classroom Considerations
  • Group research component requires the Internet, so plan time in the computer lab
  • Research project, report, and visual representation make for a well-rounded lesson in terms of reaching all types of learning styles
  • The focus on public information/awareness promotes the importance of being informed of global issues and forming opinions based on facts
  • Teacher's guide contains research guide, visual resources, and an interesting lab component extension 
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