Strong-Arm Tactics

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Experience collecting rock samples using a robotic arm with an activity that has pairs work together to operate a robotic arm. One pupil serves as the eyes and the other operates the controller. The objective is to be the fastest pair to pick up a rock and move it to a predetermined location. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • While groups are waiting for their turn to operate the robotic arm, have them research the robotic arms that NASA currently uses
Classroom Considerations
  • The robotic arm should be set up in a location that is visible to the entire class
  • Not all robotic arm controllers are the same; draw the controller for the arm you purchased
  • The activity is fourth in a 13-part series
  • The resource contains assessments for before, during, and after the activity
  • Includes suggestions for making the task more challenging
  • The robotic arm is expensive to purchase
  • Several of the websites are no longer available