Lesson Plan

Students’ Response to 9/11—A Documentary Report

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This Students’ Response to 9/11—A Documentary Report lesson plan also includes:

Young historians research the devastating attacks of 9/11 and use that information to script their own documentaries. The follow-up activity includes recording the documentary and conducting classmate interviews, 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Extend learning by asking class members to critique the historical accuracy of each other's documentaries based on historical accuracy 
  • Show a short documentary about 9/11 beforehand to give scholars an idea of what to expect
Classroom Considerations
  • Contains some sensitive topics
  • 15th and final installment of a 15-segment series
  • Involves each individual in the learning process
  • Encourages middle and high schoolers to relate to those who were their age during that time, making the concepts more understandable
  • Builds writing skills
  • None