Study Guide for The Scarlet Letter

This Study Guide for The Scarlet Letter handout & reference also includes:

How does or society punish people who break the law? What effect does guilt have on a person's life? In what way does or society demand we conform to certain conventions? Such questions, found in this study guide, are sure to engage readers and draw them to make personal connections to The Scarlet Letter.

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Instructional Ideas

  • After reading the novel, project images of T. H. Matteson's painting, "The Scarlet Letter" and the movie poster of Roland Joffe's film and have class members compare and contrast the images
Classroom Considerations

  • The focus activity for each reading assignment asks kids to make a personal connection to a concept found in these chapters, and then to read to find out how Hester responds to the same situations

  • The 22-page guide includes biographical information on Hawthorne, chapter-by-chapter reading questions, vocabulary lists, activities, writing prompts, graphic organizers, and guides for a series of related short stories

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