Study Jams! Air Pressure & Wind

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Blow your class away with a gust of humor as they watch this video about air pressure and wind. Along the way, they find that the density of air (as determined by temperature, altitude, and water vapor content) leads to air pressure differences. The differences in air pressure drive convection currents, which can be felt as wind. The stars of the film also identify the different global winds and the Coriolis effect. You will appreciate the approach and the content of this video, as well as the supporting resources that come with it.

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CCSS: Adaptable
NGSS: Adaptable
  • Concise, yet completely explains concepts
  • Comes with a self-assessment quiz and printable vocabulary, which make it a terrific review tool
  • If you like the video, links to other related videos starring the same characters are available
  • Adaptable to nationally adopted standards for science and language arts
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