Study Jams! Area of a Triangle

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Even though there is a wide variety of different triangles in the world, knowing a single equation allows us to find the area of each and every one of them. Follow along with this step-by-step presentation as Zoe clearly models how to use the base and height of a triangle to calculate its area. Including two guided practice problems and a brief multiple choice assessment, learners are presented with a variety of contexts for applying this new skill. View this video during whole group instruction or assign it as an in-class or homework assignment to supplement a lesson on finding the area of triangles.

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CCSS: Adaptable
  • Models how to find the area of triangles with and without right angles
  • Demonstrates the appropriate way to label area measurements using square units
  • Includes practice problems in which the area is given and the length of the base or height must be determined
  • Presentation and Try It! practice problems are available to print
  • Teacher must explain that the area equation for a triangle comes from cutting the area of a rectangle in half
Common Core