Study Jams! Igneous Rocks

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This Study Jams! Igneous Rocks interactive also includes:

Dynamic music pumps up viewers as they learn about intrusive and extrusive igneous rocks. Presentation slides include a graphic depiction of magma below Earth's surface , photographs of lava exploding and flowing, and close-ups of igneous rock samples. Each slide contains a few sentences of information that will educate viewers about how igneous rocks are formed. Consider using this presentation along with a rock cycle video and presentations on the other rock types, links to which are provided at the bottom of the webpage.

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  • Provides a sufficient introduction to igneous rocks
  • A sing-along activity helps junior geologists understand how igneous rocks fit into the rock cycle
  • Assessment questions and key vocabulary definitions included
  • As a stand-alone, the presentation is incomprehensive; combine it with presentations on sedimentary and metamorphic rocks