Study Jams! Median

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Zoe is curious how many goals her soccer team usually scores in a game. To answer the question, she walks through the process of finding the median of a data set in this step-by-step presentation. Examples are included that model how to determine the median of sets with both even and odd pieces of data. Use this resource for whole class instruction or assign as an independent learning activity to complement a lesson data analysis.

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CCSS: Adaptable

  • Presents real-world contexts for finding the median of data sets
  • Explains why median is a better measure of central tendency for specific data sets
  • Includes a sing-a-long karaoke song that reinforces the definitions of meanmedian, and mode
  • Both the presentation slides and Try It! practice problems are printable

  • The solution to the third question in the Test Yourself series provides an incorrect answer