Sun Safe Summer Activity Pack

This Sun Safe Summer Activity Pack activity & project also includes:

Eight activities make up a packet all about sun safety. Scholars mix and match how animals stay sun safe, dress paper dolls in appropriate summer clothing, make a cootie catcher, solve word puzzles, grow sunflowers, examine pictures, investigate shady areas, and play a card game. 

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Instructional Ideas

  • Give class members a copy to work on when they finish tasks early 
  • Copy the packet and send it home for learners to complete over summer break
  • Make copies of individual pages, give pupil the choice of which activity to complete within a specific amount of time
Classroom Considerations

  • Pages look best printed in color 
  • The duration reflects the completion of one activity page 

  • Includes answer keys at the bottom of most worksheets 
  • Kid-friendly images enhance engagement 
  • Encourages a healthy lifestyle in hot weather

  • None