Super Stars (Constellations)

Why do people locate and name constellations? How do constellations help us map a starry night? Learn about stars and constellations with a short, informative astronomy video.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Use the video as an opportunity to teach learners how to take lecture notes
  • Include in your astronomy class or science unit when introducing stars and constellations
  • Encourage viewers to record the constellations they see at night in a star journal
  • Have learners investigate another constellation not mentioned in the video, including the history of its name and when it most frequently seen
Classroom Considerations

  • Video opens with a 30-second advertisement
  • Video is the second part of a five-video unit

  • Host is fun and engaging
  • Provides historical details, as well as topical references from social literacy that viewers are sure to recognize

  • None