Sushi Monster

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These monsters are hungry for sushi and it's your job to feed them. Complete addition and multiplication equations to satisfy their needs while developing math fluency.

3rd - 6th Math 112 Views 44 Downloads
CCSS: Adaptable
App Overview

Start by choosing either addition or subtraction and begin working your way through the levels as the problems get harder and harder. Feed the monsters and complete levels by correctly choosing the two numbers that produce given sums and products. Earn one, two, or three stars based on how many questions are answered correctly. Replay levels to hone addition and multiplication skills.


  • Seven levels of difficulty, each with 14 questions
  • Practice addition with ones, tens, hundreds, thousands


  • Five levels of difficulty, each with 14 questions
  • Practice multiplying with factors between one and 12
  • Apply knowledge of basic facts with the multiplication of tens and hundreds
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Instructional Ideas

  1. Offer this game as an option for early finishers during math lessons
  2. Turn off the timer and provide this resource to students who need additional practice developing their fluency with addition and multiplication
  3. Include this application as part of math rotations to strengthen fundamental math skills
  4. Use the format of the questions to discuss multiple strategies for approaching addition and multiplication 
Classroom Considerations

Sushi Monster does not contain any links to social media or third party websites, making it very safe for classroom use.


  • Includes a step-by-step tutorial explaining how to play the game
  • Allows game progress to be reset for new users
  • This resource is available free of charge

  • Allows for only one user account per device
  • Only includes questions in a single format