Sustaining Our Ocean Resources

This Sustaining Our Ocean Resources lesson plan also includes:

Lead young scientists on an investigation of fishery practices with the final installment of this four-part unit. Using a PowerPoint presentation and hands-on simulation, this lesson plan engages children in learning how fish populations are managed and sustained through the efforts of government agencies.

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CCSS: Adaptable
NGSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Include this lesson in an upper-elementary or middle school unit on the conservation of natural resources
  • With older students, create cross-curricular connections by focusing on the math involved with the random sampling of populations


Classroom Considerations

  • Depending on your class schedule, you may wish to teach this lesson in a single day rather than the two 45-minute sessions it suggests
  • Lesson calls for a supply of Goldfish and Cheez-It crackers, which will need to be purchased or donated ahead of time
  • Based on the maturity level of your class, you will have to decide whether to assign groups or allow students to choose their own

  • PowerPoint presentation includes engaging photographs and uses large font that is easy to read
  • A handout is included with facts about fish species common to Hawaii
  • Students are provided with a clear step-by-step procedure for performing the simulation activity

  • None