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Talking to Teens About Money

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Your teenagers are probably very good at spending money, but how good are they at managing it? Teach class members about banking, checking accounts, interest rates, car insurance, and many other relevant concepts with a series of financial lessons from Moneywi$e.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use relevant lessons and activities in your personal finance class, economics class, social studies class, or math class when discussing real-world math application
  • Create a banking simulation in your class to extend the lesson
  • Have young economists conduct further research on an economic topic, and present their findings to the class
  • Host an economic seminar for teens interested in money management
Classroom Considerations
  • Spends a lot of time explaining how to write checks and balance a checkbook, which may or may not be a focus of your modern personal finance lesson
  • Resource is written in a seminar format with strict time limits on each section; however, you could reorganize the lessons to fit your time limits or class schedule
  • Activities and lessons address a variety of concepts and topics
  • Encourages teens to think critically about money and consumer skills
  • None