Taming the American West

Have you ever seen a movie about the romance of the American West with its buffalo, horses, cowboys, and endless frontier? The 13th installment of a 22-part series on American history presents the myths associated with the American West. Scholars use primary sources, photographs, and firsthand accounts to uncover the truth about what impact industry had on the American frontier. Groups work together and present their findings using historical analysis and research. Will their presentations look like the movies?

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Pay attention to activities that include pairs, threes, and fours and assign the groups to facilitate learning outcomes 
  • Play Western-themed music as students enter the room to set the tone for disputing and researching myths about the American West
Classroom Considerations
  • Includes overhead projector and transparencies; adjust to today's technology as needed
  • Resource provides printable worksheets and materials for classroom use
  • Lesson is detailed and specific for teacher instruction and group work
  • None