Lesson Plan

Teach This Poem: "In cold spring air" by Reginald Gibbons

Reginald Gibbons' poem "In cold spring air" provides learners with a chance to develop their noticing skills. As a warm-up, class members watch Paul McCartney's video singing "Blackbird" and note words and phrases that stand out. They read Gibbons' "In cold spring air" and again note what seems important in the poem. After sharing their lists in groups, the pupils reconvene for a whole class discussion.

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Instructional Ideas
  • After the initial showing of the video, provide learners with the lyrics of the song and then replay the video—click here to find the song lyrics
Classroom Considerations
  • Part of the Academy of American Poets "Teach This Poem" series
  • Includes discussion questions
  • Younger pupils may need additional scaffolding to make the connections between the song lyrics and the poem