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Ask a question and get an immediate response from your class, right on your mobile device. Or, come up with a quiz the night before, and have your class race to finish the questions. The app will show you live results that you can check right away or send to your e-mail for later examination. It is an amazingly simple platform for creating opportunities for formative and summative assessment!

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App Overview

To start using Socrative, create an account through the app (or website). The app will ask for your goals for using Socrative and ask you to choose one of eight options. After you've answered that question, you are ready to begin using the app to test your class and gather data.

How it Works:

  1. Teachers login either through the app or on t.socrative.com
  2. Pupils login either through the app or on m.socrative.com with the virtual room number at the top of the teacher's screen
  3. Instructors select an activity from the main screen
  4. Students respond on their devices
  5. Teachers view results live, on the screen after the quiz is over, or as a report in an e-mail

Teachers Choose from Two Options:

  1. Ask a question orally, and have the class answer via Socrative
  2. Create, use, or import a quiz that individuals can complete silently through Socrative

Options on the Main Screen:

  • See room number to give out to students (assigned by Socrative)
  • Check the number of students in your room
  • View a list of possible activities that you can tap to begin
  • Manage quizzes
  • Access account information

Question Types:

  • Multiple choice
  • True/False
  • Short Answer

Quiz Activities:

  • Run a quiz you've already made on the device or imported from another user, or Excel
  • Use the app's pre-programmed exit ticket
  • Play the game called Space Race, which allows you to create color-coded teams with just a touch
  • Manage your quizzes (create, modify, erase)
  • Share quizzes you create with the code given to you by the app

Profile and Account options:

  • Change your e-mail address and password
  • Choose your own room number
  • Alter your teacher information (your answer to the question from the start of the app)
  • Provide feedback
  • Take the tour at any time
  • Clear the room before your next class
  • Log out

Other Features:

  • The app has quiz-takers enter their names as the first question of each quiz so that you can match scores to individuals 
  • Add an image to any question you create in a quiz
  • Tap Learn More on almost any page to read tutorial information
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Rating Details

  • Adherence to task

    Socrative provides an easy-to-use platform for assessment. You can make questions up before class, or ask a question when it comes to mind.

  • Worth the money

    The app is free and definitely worth a try.

  • Fun factor

    Students will enjoy the interactive nature of the app, and have fun with the game. However, most of the app is based on quizzes or quick check-ins.

  • Scaffolding of learning

    The app provides a tour to help you become familiar with the features and functions.

  • User safety
  • Control and feedback

    The app would be stronger if it allowed teachers to generate reports of student progress over time. Teachers can only see one set of quiz results at a time.

  • How techie do I need to be?
Instructional Ideas

  • Check quickly for understanding by asking a question at the end of class or using the provided exit ticket
  • Review material with the Space Race game
  • Set up a quiz or assignment in advance and have pupils complete the work in class or at home
  • Find out how your class feels about a topic with a quick poll; you can even project the results so that individuals will be able to see right away that they are not alone in their interest or confusion
  • Ask for ideas or feedback with short answer question and then have the whole class vote on the results to choose what they want to do next, the best answer to the question, etc.
Classroom Considerations

If you enter in an answer for a short-answer question when creating a quiz, know that a pupil must get the exact wording right in order for their response to be marked as correct.

Since users on the student side can't go back to a question, you'll need to be clear in expressing that they should check their answers before moving on.

You'll have to plan ahead a bit for more involved quizzes, but the on-the-spot option is great to get a quick idea of what your class members know, and what they need to work on.

Make sure to clear the room after a class period if you only want to quiz and poll one class at a time.


  • Ask a question on-the-spot or create a quiz in advance; both options are viable and useful
  • Students don't need to have the app downloaded; they can use any web browser, just as long as they type in the correct room number
  • Use of the app will help diminish the stacks of papers and slips, and help to streamline the grading process

  • There are some places within the teacher view of the app where you can't go back when you want to
  • Quiz-takers can't go back to a question or see their own scores at the end of a quiz
  • In order for this to work, each individual will need access to the Internet