Keep track of assignments, grades, attendance, seating, parent communication, behavior, and more with a one-stop classroom organization center.  

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App Overview

TeacherKit’s homepage displays each of your customized classes in a bookshelf.

  • Simply tap on the class to enter it and view all your curriculum and student data
  • Add pupils and edit personal information such as photographs, contact information, behavior issues, etc.
  • Students appear as desks which can be rearranged to form new seating charts
  • Track attendance daily and use the app to view the number of learners' absences 
  • You can add good and bad behavior notes to individuals and sort based on names or grades
  • Enter your assignments into the grade-book system to keep track of cumulative grades, using the customizable weighting and scoring options
  • Unique or repeated lessons can be entered into the calendar for each class and will show up on the designated class homepage


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Instructional Ideas

Pair youngsters up for a fun parts-of-speech practice activity. One partner secretly chooses a suggested story title and asks the other to think of words. Allow pairs to share a favorite MADLIB with the whole class, and explore writing genres by asking scholars to notice context clues that tell them what type each template represents.



Classroom Considerations

Educators tend to need multiple organizing tools to keep track of everything that happens in a classroom and, let’s be honest, sometimes it seems you could use an organizer to keep track of your organizers! The goal of TeacherKit is to be a one-stop-shop to track student and curriculum data. As you continue to use it, the applications will evolve to your classroom needs: the grade-sorting feature can help you strategically pair up scholars, the behavior notes could come in hand during parent conferences, and the photo uploads can assist substitutes who don’t know who is who!



  • A great organizational tool for a teacher with multiple classes

  • The original setup can be time consuming