Terra Bagga

One way to identify possible volcanic activity on other planets is by testing the planet for magnetism. A science lesson begins with pupils constructing their own planet from a dead battery, magnets, paper, and tape before labeling the equator and lines of latitude and longitude. Next, they use a magnetometer to identify the north and south poles before exchanging planets with other groups. The second lesson of six wraps up as learners practice identifying the magnetic poles.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • If you are doing the activity with younger students, you may wish to make the bag planets yourself and just have them test the poles
Classroom Considerations

  • Expects prior knowledge of magnetism
  • Requires some very specific supplies for each group, such as a paper grocery bag made from recycled materials and a dead D cell battery

  • Includes photos of the model individuals build
  • Engaging way to test polarity in various models

  • None