Lesson Plan

Textured Landscapes with Grant Wood

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Explore the world of textured landscapes through the eyes of the famous artist, Grant Wood. Here is an elementary art lesson in which scholars learn about Grant Wood's life, view his work, draw their own textured landscape, and then present their masterpiece to the class. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Create a Grant Wood bulletin board that highlights his works of art
  • Have a gallery walk showcasing pupils' finished art products 
  • Schedule time in the library, or on mobile learning devices, to research information about Grant Wood and other famous artists that worked closely with textured landscapes 
Classroom Considerations
  • A variety of materials are required to implement the lesson 
  • The lesson plan offers thorough explanations and detailed background information 
  • Rubric is clear, simple, and provides a teacher evaluation
  • The overall design of the plan is easy to follow 
  • A kit is listed along with lesson materials; however, it is not included in this resource