The Age of Exploration

Christopher Columbus did not have a lot of evidence to prove that he was in India, but language arts pupils have plenty of evidence to prove that he wasn't. Delve into the world of European exploration with a reading activity about Christopher Columbus, complete with questions that encourage readers to use textual evidence to support claims and answer questions correctly. Additionally, the resource provides a paired-text activity with a reading passage about the modern Explorers' Club and their efforts to continue the tradition of world exploration.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Requires a free subscription to access all materials
  • Use the short response questions as prompts for longer informative essays
  • Connect the activity between language arts and social studies in a unit about early exploration
  • Include in a reading comprehension assessment when focusing on informational text
Classroom Considerations

  • The three-page reading passage appears long, but it's double spaced to ease reading and tracking
  • Lexile® reading level: 1040L

  • Includes both multiple-choice questions and short response prompts
  • Addresses a variety of skills and knowledge
  • Comes with an answer key and several connected assignments

  • None
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