The Bike Riding Moose

What would you think if you saw a moose in a tree? Read about an impressive moose and practice using context clues with a cloze passage, which includes a word bank at the bottom of the pages for kids to reference.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Use in a reading warm-up or as homework
  • Have kids write their own passages about amazing animals, leaving out important words and including context clues for their peers to decipher
Classroom Considerations

  • Picture is in color, but you should be able to print successfully in black-and-white

  • You could use the worksheet in any lesson that focuses on context clues

  • Passage is confusing; the moose does not actually ride a bike, though the title and second part of the story imply that it does
  • Some blanks are more difficult to fill in than others, and some sentences have several blank spaces in a row