The Carbon Cycle - What are its Implications for Climate Policy?

This The Carbon Cycle - What are its Implications for Climate Policy? handout & reference also includes:

The carbon cycle isn't a bike which produces carbon and this lesson explains why. Through reading and discussion, groups of pupils create visual explanations of the four parts of the carbon dioxide oxygen cycle. Activities investigate the carbon cycle, long versus short cycles, the planet's carbon budget, and missing sinks.

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CCSS: Adaptable
NGSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Homework assignment can be done in an outline format
  • Set up a global warming debate assigning each sclass member a profession and a position; professions could be politician, engineer, astronaut, religious leader, biologist, etc.
  • Have individuals research to find people in the same profession who hold those beliefs and present them to the class
  • Ater the debate, have individuals formulate their own beliefs and provide supporting statements
Classroom Considerations

  • The lesson plan calls for groups of eight but could be completed by groups of four if each pair of students did two topics instead of one

  • Information is easily applied
  • Homework extension allows participants to build upon knowledge

  • Does not include any hands-on activities
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