The Changing Composition

This The Changing Composition lesson plan also includes:

Play with dimensions and practice making a two-dimensional scene look three-dimensional. Class members view pieces of art and then make their own scenes by layering different materials and drawing in details. Check out all the tabs for extra resources and images.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Create your own PowerPoint or print out the images so that your class can see the details more clearly
Classroom Considerations

  • The See and Compare tab is most likely what the plan refers to as the slide show; all the images are also included in the Artwork and Artists tab

  • Lists materials and specific steps for the project
  • Includes a glossary of terms with examples

  • Discussing art is very vague, especially for very young children; you may need to come up with questions to guide this portion of the plan
  • Watch for typos/misspellings