The Chaotic Brilliance of Artist Jean-Michel Basquiat

This The Chaotic Brilliance of Artist Jean-Michel Basquiat video also includes:

New Review

In 2017 a work by Jean-Michel Basquiat was actioned off for over 110 million dollars. So who is he and what makes his art so special? Find out with a short video that details his background, influences, and his process.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Include the video as part of Black History Month studies or of famous painters
  • Ask class members to view the video, complete the reading comprehension check, and explore some of the additional resources before returning for a full-class discussion of the artist
Classroom Considerations

  • Class members may not be familiar with the medical textbook Gray's Anatomy; have a copy on hand to share

  • Includes images of Basquiat's paintings and of his SAMO graffiti

  • None
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