The Common Core Literacy Standards - Pre-K Posters

This The Common Core Literacy Standards - Pre-K Posters printable & template also includes:

Knowing the Common Core standards is a must for educators and learners alike. Here is an extensive set of literacy standards based on current kindergarten standards, but modified for learners in pre-school. The set includes display ideas, a rationale, and image-rich posters that state each literacy standards in friendly comprehensible language. There are 44 pages to print; each has one to two standards.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Use to showcase learning goals for the day
  • Use to guide you as you compose a literacy unit 
  • Use to keep children and classroom aids focused on the days topic/standard

  • None

  • Currently Common Core standards for pre-school learners have not been published. However, these standards are built on a combination of current pre-K standards and existing kindergarten standards