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The Complex Geometry of Islamic Design

This The Complex Geometry of Islamic Design instructional video also includes:

Discover the prevalence of geometric design in Islamic culture with this wonderful informational video. It begins with an overview of the complexity of designs dating back to the eighth century during early Islam, and then delves into how to create such designs with simple geometer's tools like a ruler and compass.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Prompt learners to perform more in-depth research on the presence of geometric designs in Islam and any connections to societal advancements
  • This would serve as the perfect supplement to introducing a geometry and/or art project on tessellations
  • Uses engaging graphics and animations
  • Multiple cross-curricular opportunities
  • Also discusses golden age of Islam and advancements in science and mathematics
  • The video moves fairly quickly through its demonstrations, so you may want to pause at points in order to review and discuss
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