The Constitution and Rights

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What's the right way to teach young historians about the Bill of Rights? Many an instructor has asked this question when pondering lesson plans over the US Constitution. The Constitution and Rights is a nifty resource that provides a summary of the rights included in each of the first 10 amendments to the Constitution. As a starting point for exploring criminology, the lesson also provides information about the Fourteenth Amendment and its role in applying the Bill of Rights to state governments, while an interactive quiz provides a useful tool to self-check knowledge of the rights protected by various amendments. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Present the material in 1:1 classroom setting to allow students to interact with the instructor presentation
Classroom Considerations
  • Part of a series of five lessons on the role of the Federal Courts that also includes lessons on the rule of law, the US Constitution, and the ratification debate
  • The reading level is more suitable for high school age than lower levels
  • Contains both the text of each amendment in the Bill of Rights and a brief yet clear overview of the important rights in each
  • The highlighted key terms link to a glossary of definitions
  • The font size is small and navigation can be confusing