Lesson Plan

The Constitution, Federalism, and the States

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This The Constitution, Federalism, and the States lesson plan also includes:

The divide between federal and state government is responsible for much of tension that continues to this day, partly because of the US Constitution. The activities in the 14th lesson in a series of 20 are designed to help learners explore the division between state and federal governments, as well as the constitutional clauses that govern their powers. Before and after reading activities, group work, and comprehension questions engage learners, while teaching and reinforcing this divide. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Differentiate for English learners by providing visual aids along with readings
  • Flip learning through assigning research activities as homework
Classroom Considerations
  • It may take longer to conduct activities than the recommended time period, depending on the skills of your class
  • Scholars use scaffolded readings
  • Checking for assessment through provided comprehension questions makes evaluating student learning easier 
  • The variety of activities maintain high levels of engagement 
  • None