The Cost of Electricity

This The Cost of Electricity lesson plan also includes:

How much is your toaster costing you every day? Young environmentalists calculate the monetary costs of household appliances based on their average consumption of wattage.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Collaborate with your colleagues to create a cross-curricular project between math and science 
  • Have learners report on their findings in a unit about renewable energy resources
  • Bring to a school-wide focus on environmentalism, or a unit about Earth Day
  • Expand the writing part of the assignment into a full research project about ways to conserve energy in their homes
Classroom Considerations

  • Resource was published in Michigan, so the auxiliary links are relevant to that state; if the information doesn't reflect the costs and needs of your state, look for additional information to add to the lesson
  • Publishing company's logo is at the top of each page, which might be distracting to some learners

  • Thorough lesson is practical and applicable to real-world situations
  • Encourages learners to think critically about their energy use
  • Promotes interdisciplinary research and math application

  • None