Lesson Plan

The Digestive System: Where Does Food Go?

Would you believe that your digestive system stretches to five times your height?! Help your pupils to understand this relationship as they work through the laboratory exercise. The first instructional activity of a 12-part series is a lab exploration that first has individuals cut yarn to represent the different parts of their digestive systems. They then examine the role of each component using common household materials.

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Instructional Ideas
  • As learners cut the yarn to match the parts of their digestive systems, have them tie it together; take your classes into the hall to extend the yarn to its full length
  • Complete the second part of the lab together as a class; ask for volunteers to perform each step of the digestive process
Classroom Considerations
  • Requires specific lab materials and time for setup
  • Provides conclusion questions to summarize learning
  • Includes a sample answer key of laboratory results
  • None