The Electromagnetic Spectrum and Your Community

Do you have blossoming astronomers who seek to understand the electromagnetic spectrum? Assist them with exploring electromagnetic radiation and the electromagnetic spectrum as the class conducts various activities to demonstrate how wavelengths affect every living organism. Individuals explore radiation to better understand how materials in the atmosphere are comprised and use the information attained to differentiate between harmful radiation and radiation that is beneficial to the community. 

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Instructional Ideas

  • Have each individual research a planet in the solar system and how an X-ray telescope can be used to study the planet's electromagnetic spectrum
  • Instruct students to create a poster that includes positive and negative effects of electromagnetic radiation on their local communities and general environment
Classroom Considerations

  • Assist each individual with calculations and graphs to ensure they understand the material, if needed
  • This activity may take longer than the suggested duration if multiple individuals require a high level of assistance
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  • Chart located in the lesson plan summarizes various space missions and details the important results of each
  • The lab on visible light allows the class to better understand the complexity of the sun's energy and how it can be harmful if measures are not taken to ensure proper protection

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