The Far Future of the Universe

Ever wonder what will happen to our earthly home if we continue to evolve at the current rate? Learners view the video segment and witness predictions of what could occur in the future, even millions of years from now, as time progresses and climate change makes its mark on society.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Have the class explore future possibilities that could occur if the earth undergoes excessive global warming as a result of climate change
  • Discuss the past and present effects of climate change in terms of how humans have adapted, and how they continue to adapt
Classroom Considerations
  • Ensure everyone understands the concepts presented in this segment and know this is only a prediction of what could occur and not what will occur in the future
  • Stunningly clear picture of what could occur should humans continue to misuse the resources found in nature
  • Explains long-term effects of climate change in such a way that even young learners have some understanding of the importance of better caring for the planet
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