The Great Spider Debate

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Poor, misunderstood spiders! They are feared, disrespected, and detested by many people, yet they do so many positive things. A great addition to any insect unit, learn about some of the more common spiders, while hopefully dispelling some cases of arachnophobia. After reading about eight common spiders, the class goes in search of these critters to make field observations, some of which may be completed from kids' own homes. As it states in the lesson, the spiders should be observed, not touched, and certainly not squished. If a child finds a dangerous spider in his/her home, they should seek out an adult to relocate the spider outdoors; however, most arachnids found in the home actually keep the bug population to a minimum and do more good than harm. While it isn't expected that everyone will come away from the activities loving spiders, hopefully they will have a new appreciation and respect for the little guys. 

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  • Focuses observations on adaptations and other survival mechanisms
  • Gives new insight and meaning to a misunderstood creature
  • Excellent report questions encourage keen observation and thoughtful research

  • Depending on what spiders are prevalent in your area, the Spider Safari sheets may need to be recreated