The Harappan Civilization

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The Harappan Civilization, also known as the Indus Valley civilization (2600 BC-1900 BC), is the focus of a resource packet that details the rise and fall of a culture that existed in India during the Chalcolithic period of history. 

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Instructional Ideas

  • Have class members create a timeline for the Harappan civilization that includes Egyptian and Mesopotamian cultures as well
Classroom Considerations

  • The 47-page packet comes from a textbook that is not identified
  • Some of the spellings, syntax, and diction reflect  British English
  • The period is named for the use of copper and stone tools 

  • Includes answer keys for tests and quizzes
  • Space is provided for reading notes

  • No map of the area is included
  • The text does not include activities or exercises