The Hero Shrew

No, the hero shrew doesn't fly or rescue people from burning buildings. In fact, scientists are not quite sure what it does with its amazing adaptation! Take a closer look at a rodent with a most unusual spine with a video from a larger mammals playlist. The narrator discusses where to find the hero shrew, how it differs from other shrew, and what we think is the reason for its super-strong spinal column.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Add the video to an adaptations or evolution lesson for a perfect example of both topics
  • Provide pictures of a variety of other shrew so the class can compare them
Classroom Considerations

  • Students should know a little about evolution and physical adaptations before watching the video

  • The resource does a fantastic job of illustrating the evolutionary process
  • Scientists in the video explain how a hypothesis is generated and worked on across many labs and research teams

  • None
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