The Imperfect (Past) Subjunctive: How?

This The Imperfect (Past) Subjunctive: How? interactive also includes:

Teach your class how to form the imperfect subjunctive. Included here is information on and examples of regular imperfect subjunctive verbs, irregular imperfect subjunctive verbs, and imperfect subjunctive -se endings displayed in long and short reference forms and as a presentation. Show your class the presentation, or invite individuals to read the provided information, and require practice with the linked online interactive exercise.

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  • The practice exercise, called Pracitquemos!, is and effective drill for the past subjunctive and any other tense or mood
  • Easily transform the At a Glance tab into a hard copy handout for your class

  • While splitting the imperfect subjunctive into two separate lessons (conjugation and use) makes the material more accessible due to brevity, it does take the conjugation a bit of out context
  • No procedures or instructional steps are listed, but the information could easily inspire a lesson or work effectively in a flipped classroom