The Imperfect (Past) Subjunctive: When?

This The Imperfect (Past) Subjunctive: When? handout & reference also includes:

Is your class in the mood for the imperfect subjunctive? They will be if they understand when to use it. Pupils can read, or you can take lesson inspiration from, the the provided information. Learners will find out all about using the imperfect subjunctive in noun clauses, adjective clauses, adverbial clauses, hypothetical situations, and more. You can present the material using the slide show included on the third tab, which includes a quick translation exercise.

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  • Each situation in which a Spanish speaker would use the past subjunctive is explained and paired with examples
  • Each of the three tabs provides a different way to look at the material: with explanation and examples, summarized for quick reference, and as a presentation

  • Answers to the translation exercise are not included
  • This resource only addresses when to use the past subjunctive; it does link to another resource that covers conjugation