The Language of Sets and Set Notation

This The Language of Sets and Set Notation lesson plan also includes:

The basics of number theory and set notation are explained in a highly approachable way in a self-contained lesson and worksheet. Introducing the vocabulary and concepts from ground zero and building to more complex ideas of subsets and complements, this would make a great stand-alone day between units or addition to a file of substitute plans.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Great for absent or homebound pupils, with thoroughly written out explanations and examples
  • Could be the intro lesson for class projects on number theory and data collection
Classroom Considerations

  • Densely worded introduction might require lower reading level help or ELL supports
  • Overall dense material might need some livening or breaking up by the instructor, particularly for less self-motivated groups or students

  • Clear explanations begin with basic vocabulary, assuming no prior exposure to material
  • Gradually building exercises follow the written explanations closely, making it easy to refer back to the examples
  • Lots of examples of what is and (sometimes more importantly) what is not a valid reason or inclusion

  • Language assumes learners are "students at your college" in the introduction
  • Only odd problem solutions are given
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