The Law of Conservation of Matter

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The Law of Conservation of Matter can be complex for young scientists to fully grasp. Use this experiment to help simplify the process as pupils perform two experiments to determine mass: one that melts a substance and the other that mixes two substances. To conclude the activity, class members measure the reactions and properly analyze all results.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Participants should create a model representing the bonding-pattern changes that occur during a chemical reaction
  • Have class members create a matching game with information from this lesson
Classroom Considerations

  • Ice cubes must be prepared ahead of time and kept at the correct temperature
  • The sixth in a series of seven related resources

  • Experiment is safe and contains nontoxic components easily stored, except the ice cubes
  • Hands-on design allows participatns to see changes as they occur, thus providing better acquisition of concepts presented

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