The Letter X Song

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Get to know a variety of words that begin with the letter X with a music video set to a strong beat and rhythmic lyrics; otherwise known as hip-hop music. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas

  • Send the link home so youngsters can sing along with their family members
  • Invite learners to bring in items that begin with the letter X
  • Keep and display a running record of X-letter words from the song for instruction 
Classroom Considerations

  • Choose closed captioning to have the option to view the lyrics as they are sung
  • This is the 24th of 26 in a series of videos designed to add a captivating musical element to your alphabet instruction

  • Words that begin with the letter X are highlighted in two different colors to distinguish the first letter from the the rest of the word 
  • Bright colors, child-friendly images, and a cool beat enhance engagement 

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