The Little Prince: Request Strategy

Teach your readers how to engage with a text by using the request strategy. As kids read Antoine de Saint Éxupery's The Little Prince, they choose a passage of text and formulate questions to stump their partners or their teacher, based on their knowledge of the story so far.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Use question frames from Bloom's Taxonomy or other pedagogical models to guide kids into making their own questions
  • Allow learners to write one question each for an upcoming reading assessment, or have them come up with questions in pairs
  • Bring the reading strategy into a homework assignment
Classroom Considerations

  • Instructions are vague; you'll need to provide substantial modeling for the questioning process to avoid excessive comprehension-level questions

  • Provides passages that may be useful for the activity
  • Comes with sample questions that you could use to model the activity

  • You'll need to bulk up the lesson with additional guidance and assessments, as it provides good ideas but not a lot of scaffolding or organization
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